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Church History

Discover Our History at Mt. Beulah Baptist Church

Mount Beulah Baptist Church was founded in 1833 with 17 charter members,  and is one of the of the oldest churches in the Aiken Baptist Association.


In the early years of Mount Beulah, the church was burnt twice.  Once from a forest fire, and then again in 1865 by Sherman’s army.  A new church was rebuilt in 1890.  


In 1946, the church was remodeled with brick on the outside and completely renovated inside with the addition of Sunday School rooms, a baptistry, 2 baths, and a basement recreation room.


In the late 1980’s, 13 acres of land adjoining the cemetery and 4 acres across Mount Beulah Road were purchased.  

In 1993 a Family Life Center was built on the 4 acres of property. 


In 2000, the church began the process of designing and building the current worship facility, in front of the Family Life Center.   The new worship facility was dedicated and occupied in December 2010.


In 2016, the original church sanctuary was remodeled as a meeting facility for the church’s youth program.  This building is now referred to as ‘The Mount’.


Today we find ourselves on the threshold of a new era in our church history and fellowship.  May all that is done and said in these facilities bring Glory and Honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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